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landscape of foam

Landscape of Foam

This work was carried out from a study of the activities held in the gymnasium of gymnastics at the Sports College from the University of Porto.
For several days, I attended this gym’s classes, activities and trainings. Objects used in the practice of the sport modalities were collected: two clubs, a ribbon and a hoop. I also brought magnesium powder - this material prevents that the moisture of the hand reduces the friction and adhesion between the device and the athlete’s hands.
The atmosphere inside this gym is impregnated with this substance. All objects found there, have on top a thin layer of magnesium powder, thin and white, that takes us to a kind of vail, a curtain of fog.
The high ceiling of the gym causes the sound to echo; which is quickly stifled by the amount of mattresses covering the floor. Looking like dunes throughout space, they form heights and slopes in a landscape of foam.
These two studies are an attempt to make visible through drawing, certain features of this place, that somehow are the result of its function - as a space that is meant for something to happen. What happens in this place is much more than the movements that are dictated by the aesthetics of perfection. And are the peripheral events, the footprints of human action, which so uniquely mark that space, and these remainders are what interested me for this project.

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