Isabel Quaresma  was born in Lamego, at the Douro Valley. 
Lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

She started her studies with a Fashion Design Course at Citex, Porto (1986), where she later started giving classes and became assistant coordinator of the same course (1987-1996). In Florence, she took a Postgraduate Course on Textile Design in the branch of weaving in Florence Academy of Fashion Design (1990).
During her years of work she developed a strong connection with fashion and textile design. She was chosen to be part of 2014’s Contemporary Biennial of Art and Textile – Contextile, Portugal. She has got a Degree on Fine Arts in the branch of Painting (2011) by the Faculty of Fine Arts Porto University; where she recently ended her MA on Drawing and Printing Techniques (2014).

Her work developed between Art and Design, most recently, intercepting painting, drawing, textile and video. Mainly she is interested on working in interstitial spaces between the contemporary practices of drawing and textile. She regularly exhibits her work since 2002